Wood Joinery

Wood joinery is a fascinating topic and process. Unlike poor constructed furniture that’s constructed as to be replaced within a few years, proper joinery makes a solid piece that will be cherished for decades.

There are a few joints that are quick, simple and effective. Half-Lap and Rabbet joints are great to reinforce corners, along with glue and hardware, and are quick to make and construct. These joints strengthen the corners and create a piece of lasting furniture.

Depending on the application and skill of the craftsman, there are other joints that are strong and very beautiful. Box and Through Dovetail joints look similar, however their construction is quite different. Depending on their visibility, their “finger” look can add character to any piece of furniture and are extremely strong!

Hidden joints such as Mortise & Tenon, Tongue & Groove, Biscuit, Pocket and Dado are great versions that add strength and stability without showing exactly how the corners are constructed…adding a little secret to the furniture.

This type of joinery in some cases is challenging to layout, an adventure to make, strong for longevity and fun to teach. I hope you try all of them as you grow in your craftsmanship journey.


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