Table saw

The table saw, probably the most vital tool the average woodworker uses, comes in many forms.

Determining the correct size you’ll need to largely dependent on the work you do and the available space in your shop.

There are 3 table saw categories:

  1. Bench top
  2. Contractor
  3. Cabinet

All three could work in a wood shop and all have varying abilities. Choosing the correct one is likely derived by type of work, budget and available shop space.

Bench top table saws are the lightest, under 65 pounds, are used by contractors on job sitesDEWALT DWE7480
due to their weight and easy set up. The depth of their cut is determined by the blade size, which is limited by the housing about the blade. The bench top saw likely has a fence for guiding straight cuts.
Bosch 4100-09Contractor table saws are a lot heavier then the bench top saw. While the weight is a major factor, there is a benefit to the weight, in that it the saw can take for abuse and handle larger jobs with its table size. The contractor saw fence in usually higher grade than the bench top style, which helps with accuracy.

The world of wood working changes with  our next type… the cabinet saw. The cabinet saw has quite a few appealing advantages over its cousins. First, their footprint is much smaller. Second, their table is bigger. Third, their built of materials of higher quality, as their designed to last a long time! The cabinet saw isn’t designed to be moved to job sitesSawStop PCS31230-TGP236, like the bench and contractor saws. Their weight acts as a deterrent to moving them around. And, also serves the user with many years of use and accuracy. As highlighted for the prior saws, the cabinet saw has a accurate and reliable fence. The strength and accuracy of the cabinet saw creates a desire by most woodworking enthusiasts to someday have one in their shop.

To sum up our thoughts, the best saw for a shop with limited space is the bench top. With more room and/or a desire to combine with a router, the contractor’s saw, on a mobile base. If/when you have room for a cabinet saw, the investment will last longer and the affect on accuracy is dramatically increased.

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